The Ocean on 76 Group of companies is composed of highly competitive digital platforms that solve modern day business complexities.

The ecosystem currently provides numerous solutions to Mobile Network Operators and various business enterprises. The business is a network of multiple competing and cooperating business models and is established as a significant participant in the digital economy.

Rush is an online courier aggregation platform for individual consumers, small as well as large companies and enterprises that exists to remove the complexity of courier service. The user is able to choose what works for them through almost instant quotations from the website and app. Rush delivers across South Africa, is affiliated with multiple courier services and is fully trackable.
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Digital Material develops digital platforms for telcos. Our Digital Engagement Platform provides aggregation solutions to mobile network operators for the sale of content from third-party content providers. The platform provides subscriber management; partner management; content management; customer care; as well as analytics and reporting functions. Digital Material is also responsible for Infinity, a customer acquisition and customer retention platform. This platform is a smart sales engine designed for mobile network operators to engage with consumers through a ‘give- and- pull’ technique and gathers user data in order to build new products to remarket based on analytics.
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Intergreatme aims to remove and improve lengthy identity-related processes for businesses and consumers alike. Intergreatme is a digital identity management platform for FICA and RICA and proof-of-life purposes. Never queue again with this one-of-a-kind application that enables companies and service providers to verify customers instantly, while in the same vein, allowing the customer full control of who sees and uses their information. Intergreatme provides world class features, such as licence disk renewal, access control and age and Identity verification.
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An on-demand platform where users can access tradespeople through an application for plumbers, locksmiths, electricians and handymen. Users are able to track tradespeople to their property in real time. Tradespeople are available 24/7, are ensured and are fully vetted to ensure the safety and proficiency of their services.
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Fiskl is a global, mobile-first finance and account management platform designed for small businesses to enable them to automate their finance and accounting administration. Fiskl generates invoices, scans receipts, tracks mileage and expenses and generates reports- enabling SMME’s to run with great efficiency.
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Transform the lives of individuals who cannot access bank accounts with uKheshe. Payments are made through scanning a QR code which enables subscribers to transact, without using a conventional banking system.
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Our innovative platform is designed to instantly connect learners and tutors. A wide network of countrywide tutors can become immediately available to learners anywhere. Tutoring methods are customised according to learner requirements and lessons are undertaken in the most convenient locations for learners.
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Lifti takes the neighbourhood lift club to an app. Lifti connects car owners and passengers from the same neighbourhoods with one another, enabling users to share the cost of travelling.
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Business Science Corporation is a specialist in big data, data science and analytics. BSC uses analytics to provide clients with insights and strategies through which to maximise market share, reduce costs, increase revenue, improve consumer engagement and reduce inefficiencies.
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Mobile Africa is a content curator for various mobile platforms. Mobile Africa builds portals and distributes content through those portals to multiple channels, providing music, gaming and competition content to mobile operators.

CloudBar is a speciality hospitality solution that enhances revenue from sales of alcoholic beverages by eliminating human error in instances such as over pouring and carelessness. CloudBar is a platform that generates insights from usage data and operates a 24-hour helpdesk to clients.
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Apprentice Valley is an integrated tech consulting firm able to offer end-to-end solutions for business. From experiential technological devices, to tech and digital builds and products, Apprentice Valley offers multiple- layer solutions for any business.
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360 Degrees South is a technology, digital and content business which focuses on content production and distribution across multiple channels including mobile and digital media.

Ocean Altivex is a specialized digital solution laboratory which builds and creates business solutions using fully digital mechanisms.
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A differentiated customer experience and quality assurance platform. The ELS system offers flexible business modules, a full contact centre that handles training and quality assurance as well as complete back office support. This platform assists in making insightful, strategic, customer centric decisions based on optimised customer connections and experiences.
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